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                                              PLAY THERAPY
            “Play is the most natural method of self-healing
                                    that childhood affords”
                                            -Erik Erikson   

This quote from a well known developmental psychologist explains the
profound value of play in a child’s life. Play is the language of children
and it only makes sense to approach therapy with children using their
language. Children do not have the developmental ability to express
their feelings verbally and therefore adult therapies are inappropriate in
meeting a child’s needs.

Play Therapy provides a safe and inviting environment for a child to
express their emotions and find ways to recreate emotionally stressful
experiences with an accepting and supportive adult. The play therapist
is skillfully trained to reflect the inner world of the child and support the
child in finding empowerment and resolution to their struggles.

Play Therapy is very effective in helping children ages 2-12 who
experience a wide variety of issues. Some of which include:

• Social and Behavioral problems
• Anxiety and Fears
• Depression and Lack of Self Esteem
• Physical and Sexual Abuse
• Adoption and Foster Care
• Trauma
• Divorce or Separations
• Transitions or Moves
• Sensory Integration Issues
• Gender Identity Issues

Research shows that when children are struggling, having a strong and
supportive significant relationship with an adult can greatly improve a
child’s self-esteem and resiliency. While children are greatly impacted
and affected by family, teachers, and friends, the play therapist has an
important role in a child’s healing and provides an objective view that
many family members do not have.

What Happens in Play Therapy?

Prior to beginning play therapy, the therapist will meet with the parent
(s) to learn about the child and family. During this time, the Play Therapy
process is discussed and the parents and therapist will begin a
relationship working together to best support the child.

Following this initial session with the parents, the child will begin
therapy. Each session is around 45 minutes followed by a 10-15 minute
phone call or in person meeting with the parent(s).

During the sessions, there are a wide variety of toys available to
encourage the child to express their emotions and struggles. Children
use a wide variety of styles to facilitate expression such as art, sand
play, dramatic play, and fantasy play. Children will choose toys to
represent their feelings and recreate the issues they are struggling with.
Because play therapy is child directed, children can create therapeutic
play at their developmental level and choose an appropriate pace to
explore their struggles.

The respectful and supportive relationship with the play therapist helps
foster a sense of security when recreating emotionally stressful
experiences. Through the Play Therapy process, the child learns
healthy expression of their emotions and needs. The child’s play
evolves to where the child gains empowerment and comfort in the
issue they have struggled with and reestablishes a sense of balance
and wellbeing.    
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